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    We Optimize All Your Online Marketing Efforts Every form of web design, web development and marketing related to the public, is better executed with an SEO and usability mindset.

    It's easy enough to upload content to your home page and it's simple to place your phone number somewhere on your website, but to do so with search engine optimization in mind is what gets your website noticed by users and by the search engines too.

    Email marketing, content writing/copywriting, social media marketing, graphic design, web design, web development, Wordpress blogging, video SEO and video marketing - every one of these areas of online services can and should be optimized through the eyes of an SEO specialist.

    SEO should never be considered a short term goal and, if it is done by a knowledgable company, the results will become exponential and last for many years into the future.

    SEO services are not one or two day jobs, and when you work with LLAKSI AB, rest assured that we plan for success and that we're in it for the long run.

    Most business owners know first hand that the success of their business is strongly - even sometimes directly - linked to their online presence in the search engines and the amount of traffic they get.

    Social media plays a major role in traffic building but to date, statistics show that search engines are used more than any other platform when it comes to looking for goods and services online; even more so, search engines are mostly used by potential customers looking for local business services.

    LLAKSI AB owner Per Jonasson has been working in the development and marketing industry for over 30 years.

    Contact us on info@llaksi.se